Green Salad & Red Wine Braised Onion

Green Salad & Red Wine Braised Onion

A lush green salad paired with the rich, velvety notes of red wine-braised onions. Enjoy the harmony of freshness and depth in every bite!

Red wine Braised Onion

Red onion 3-4
Garlic 3 cloves
Red wine vinegar 250ml
Sugar 200g
Bay Leaf 3-4
Thyme 3 sprigs
Quarter red onion and crush garlic before adding along with rest of ingredients to a pot with a lid
Cover and simmer low and slow for 45 minutes.
Place in sealable air 3ght glass jar

Green Salad

Parmesan 250g
Kale 300g
Butter lettuce/spinach 300g
Rocket 300g
Red wine braised onions 4 quarters and 60ml liquid
Whole grain mustard 15ml
Dijon mustard 15ml
Olive oil 20ml


Make a dressing from the mustards, olive oil, and 60ml of the liquid from the braised onions then dress your washed, picked leaves
Season well with salt before shaving parmesan over and then finishing with petals of braised onion

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