Pizza on the Grill

Pizza on the Grill




Before you begin, it’s handy to have a few things in place: Position all your topping in bowls alongside the grill, as well as spoons for applying tomato sauce, etc. It may be necessary to pull up a small table next to the grill for this purpose. Have some extra olive oil handy, as well as sea salt.


Also have metal tongs and a metal spatula, as well as a platter or cutting board for your finished pizza.


Heat up your grill to a high heat. Take a few minutes to clean off any remaining food from your grill grate.


Oil the back (flat side) of a baking sheet with Colavita Olive Oil. Stretch out your pizza dough on top of the baking sheet and brush the top side of the dough with Colavita Olive Oil.


Invert the baking sheet directly onto the grill grate and close the lid. Let it bake for about 2 minutes.


Open the lid and using the tongs, flip the crust to the other side.


Spoon a light layer of Colavita crushed tomatoes on top of the dough. Sprinkle the sliced garlic on top of the tomatoes, and season with salt.


Close the lid and allow to bake for another 2 minutes.


Remove the pizza from the grill, using the tongs and spatula, and place it onto a cutting board. Garnish with shavings of parmesan cheese and fresh arugula.


Optional: Add a drizzle of Colavita Balsamic Glaze to finish.

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