Dear Customer,


As this message is being written, the country has seen its 700th case of Covid-19 and we all expect the crisis to spread.

We want to assure you that health and safety protocols at Italian Deli Online are of paramount importance, and we have made it our primary concern to keep people safe by employing all the (best practice) preventative measures at our disposal.

The measures that we’ve put in place aim to maintain the well-being of our customers, staff and suppliers. And we will continue to follow the guidelines as they are adapted to changing circumstances.

We’ve put into place a number of safety checks across all of our operations.

Warehouse and fulfilment Measures

  • Increased frequency of routine sanitation and hand-washing and before and after all operational processes.
  • Use of masks and gloves in the fulfilment and packaging area. 
  • Routine sanitation and cleaning of all surfaces areas after each production phase.
  • Employees are instructed to stay home from work if they are ill and are encouraged to get tested for COVID-19. 


  • Thankfully we source our international brands from well-established businesses who all subscribe to the very best standards of health and hygiene in their world-wide processes and practices.
  • We’re working with all local suppliers to ensure similar precautionary safety measures are being taken in their facilities.
  • We’re working with all our delivery partners to reduce the risk of contact at the point of delivery.



  • We subscribe to non-contact deliveries and ask customers if we can leave parcels at the gate, door, floor, lobby or table. We also not require any signatures on delivery.
  • Daily sanitisation of delivery vehicles is routinely undertaken. 
  • Hygiene reminders –we remind drivers to wash and sanitise their hands and vehicles throughout the day.



  • You can be assured that everything we offer is packed fresh in their bottles, jars, cans or packets; securely sealed on arriving at our doorstep. 
  • Product sourcing, packaging and distribution adhere to guidelines and processes laid down by the World Health Organization’s Best Practices and Directives. Also, we follow the South African Department of Health and National Institute of Communicable Diseases’ guidelines.

While we recognise the importance of taking these precautions, multiple sources including  the World Health Organization indicate the risk of transmission from food or surfaces is low.

We’ll make sure your orders get to you speedily, with no-contact deliveries that are reliable and constant. 

We wish you and your families the best over what is proving to be a challenging time, and we will endeavour to keep delivering the best kind of antidote to social distancing: good healthy Italian food, snacks and beverages that you’ll love. 

If you have any queries or questions, please get in touch with us.

Thanks for your continued support, and remember to be careful, and sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!

The Italian Deli Online Team

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