Summer Salad Centerpiece

Summer Salad Centerpiece

Brighten up your table with this beautiful and delicious summer salad centrepiece using ingredients from Italian Deli Online! 

Serves 2 as a starter or 1 as a main.


Italian Deli Online Products

Morgenster | Balsamic Vinegar
Fresco Italia | Prosciutto Crudo
Puglia Cheese | Bocconcini Balls
Polli | Basil Green Pesto
CADOR | Black Pepper
CADOR | Organic Himalayan Salt

Other Products

Morgenster | Lemon Enhanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Exotic baby tomatoes
Fresh basil leaves
Edible flowers (optional)

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Scatter rocket leaves on a round plate in a wreath like shape.

Space sliced baby tomatoes onto the rocket.

Place bocconcini & prosciutto slices inbetween.

Drizzle pesto over bocconcini balls.

Drizzle the salad with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

Decorate with fresh basil leaves and edible flowers.

Suggestions To Decorate The Middle Of The Salad

A bowel of salad dressing.

A bowl of toasted ciabatta slices.

A bowl of marinated Italian vegetables, for example, artichokes with fine herbs in oil, roasted peppers in oil, sundried tomatoes in oil, seasoned eggplants in oil, or green pitted olives.

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