Spring Carbonara with Sgambaro

Spring Carbonara with Sgambaro

This spring we bring you a fresh take on the traditional carbonara using the fragrant tips of green asparagus for flavour instead of pecorino. An easy dish to make that pairs perfectly with a summer white wine. Buon appetito!



  • First wash the asparagus and remove the hardest part of the stem. 
  • Divide the tips from the soft part of the stem you have kept. 
  • Prepare a cream with the stems: first stew them in a pan with a little oil, the chopped onion and a few leaves of fresh oregano; when they are nice and soft, add salt, pepper and blend until you get a creamy velvety and set aside.
  • Boil the eggs and remove the egg white: keep the hard-boiled yolks aside. 
  • Put the bacon cut into strips in a non-stick pan without oil and heat; as it releases the fat from the bacon, remove its fat from the pan and keep it aside, so that the strips become crispy and dry.
  • Meanwhile, put plenty of water on the heat for the Sgambaro Spaghetti; when it boils, add salt and toss in the pasta. 
  • As soon as the cooking water has absorbed a little starch from the pasta, take a few spoons and use it to emulsify the egg yolks with a whisk: whisk until you get a cream similar to that of the original carbonara.
  • At this point, when the spaghetti is still al dente, put a pan on the heat and heat a tablespoon of fat from the bacon with a little cream of stems, dilute and add the pasta.
  • Then mix all the ingredients: all the stem cream, the crispy bacon, the asparagus tips and finally the yolk cream.
  • Serve, finishing with a nice grated fresh pepper.

Original recipe by Sgambaro

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