Pasta recipe by Rizwaana Sibda Randeree.

Pasta recipe by Rizwaana Sibda Randeree.

Rizwaana has created another one of her epic pasta recipes using a couple of our Polli products and Alce Nero Spaghetti 🍝 Absolutely mouthwatering! 

pasta recipe


See below for the recipe. 


The @rsrloves method: 

  1. In a wide pot add your olive oil and gently cook your garlic on low heat. Don't burn it.
  2. Then add the sundried tomatoes and olives and let the sautè in the pan for a few minutes. I like to add a tablespoon each of the olive and Sundried tomato liquid (oil) to the pan, it adds a wonderful flavour!
  3. Add your parboiled pasta to the pan along with 1 cup of pasta water. And gently mix the pasta and sauce together in the pot. Toss it around to incorporate well
  4. Add feta cheese towards the end and mix through.
  5. Season well with salt and pepper. Serve hot straight from the pot!
  6. You can finish with a squeeze of lemon but this is optional.

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