From farms, orchards, groves and vineyards, safely to your doorstep.

From farms, orchards, groves and vineyards, safely to your doorstep.

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These times of social distancing challenge all of us to do everything we can to stop the spread of Coronovirus-19. Reducing the risk of infection has everybody’s attention, and with that, reducing exposure to risk has seen many folk turn to the convenience and security of buying on-line.

At Italian Deli Online we make certain that all our wonderful Italian foods, condiments, snacks and beverages are delivered securely and hygienically to your doorstep. Thankfully we source our international brands from famous businesses who all subscribe to the very best standards of health and hygiene in their world-wide processes and practices.

You can be assured that everything on our digital platter is packed fresh in their bottles, jars, cans or packets; securely sealed and sent to our doorstep. Product sourcing, packaging and distribution all adheres to the guidelines and processes laid down by the World Health Organization’s Best Practices and Directives. Also, we follow the South African Department of Health and National Institute of Communicable Diseases’ guidelines.

Our staff are educated and equipped to handle all stocks hygienically, and our strict internal hygiene policies include widespread access to hand sanitizers, increased frequency of work space cleaning and temperature testing of employees and drivers. 

Throughout the journey, the safety of all employees, customers and partners is our foremost concern.  Hygiene measures are strictly followed, right down to contactless delivery to your doorstep, where you won’t be asked to sign for our sealed deli brands when they’re delivered.

Enjoy a healthy dose of Mediterranean goodness, and the simply delicious tastes of Italy. And should social distancing measures be here to stay for now, perhaps we can sing to each just like the Italians did, as we celebrate the good things of life in true Italian style. 

We wish you good health and buon appetito!

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