Antipasto Platter Served With Almare Spritz

Antipasto Platter Served With Almare Spritz

Create this delicious Italian antipasto platter using a combination of Italian meats and cheeses, Italian marinated vegetables, fruit, pesto, spreads, bread and crackers. 


Italian Deli Online Products

Polli | Black Olive Spread
Polli | Artichokes Spread
Polli | Bruschetta with Olives
Polli | Garlic, Oil and Chili Pepper
Polli | Basil Green Pesto
Polli | Artichokes with Fine Herbs in Oil
Polli | Sundried Tomatoes in Oil
Polli | Grilled Onions in Oil
Polli | Mushroom Mix with Porcini
Morgenster | Black Olives
Fresco Italia | Prosciutto Crudo Sliced
Fresco Italia | Sliced Chorizo
Puglia Cheese | Bocconcini Balls
Puglia Cheese | Asiago Cheese
Puglia Cheese | Blue cheese slice
Three Streams | Premium Grade Smoke Trout Slices
San Carlo | Taralli Rosemary
Spinach King | Spinach Bread
Almare Spritz | Classico

Other Products

Rice crackers
Seed crackers
Sweet melon
Baby tomatoes
Glazed Figs
Edible flowers
Lemon slices
Orange slices
Basil leaves
Mint leaves


Cut sweet melon into slices and wrap them with slices of prosciutto crudo.

Mix baby tomatoes with bocconcini and drizzle with basil green pesto.

Slice Asiago cheese into thin slices.

Cut blue cheese into small pieces.

Cut smoked trout into slices, shape into roses, and mix with lemon slices.

Place black olive spread, artichoke spread, bruschetta with olives, garlic, oil, and chili peppers into small dipping bowls with a teaspoon in each.

Place taralli into a small bowl.

Arrange antipasto deli goods, fresh goods, spreads, crackers and bread onto platters and scatter with blueberries, strawberries, and edible flowers.

Enjoy with a glass of chilled Almare Spritz Classico, garnished with orange and fresh mint.

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