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San Pellegrino Organic Peach Ice Tea Case

Sanpellegrino | Organic Peach Tea 24X250ML

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Break away from your busy routine with San Pellegrino Pesca+tea, the organic sparkling peach tea from San Pellegrino.
As part of the first organic beverage range from San Pellegrino, Pesca+tea brings a new sensation to hydration with its

- tea extract,
- organic peach juice from Italy,
- light carbonation.

This blend renders Pesca+tea a refreshing experience to the end.
Celebrate the moments of escape and intensify times of togetherness with San Pellegrino Pesca+tea.

Always on the right side of sweet, with just a touch of organic cane sugar, San Pellegrino Pesca+tea weighs in at 50kcals per can and is the excellent choice to quench your thirst. There are no artificial colourings or preservatives – just wholesome goodness from Italy.