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  • Authentic Italian Cooking Classes

  • With Storyboard Events' Executive Chef, Callan Austin.

Authentic Italian Cooking Classes

With Storyboard Events' Executive Chef, Callan Austin.

Italian Deli Online invites you to authentic Italian cooking classes! Join Storyboard Events' Executive Chef, Callan Austin, as he takes you on a journey through Italy with interactive and informative cooking demonstrations. 

There will be a total of four demonstrations of which each demo will showcase a different dish relating to a specific region in Italy. Starting from the North and making his way to the South, Callan will exhibit traditional dishes of each region.

Each demo will feature Italian Deli Online products and showcase the various ways that they can be used in both everyday home cooking, using professional yet easy techniques that Callan has learnt throughout his career.

Each demo has a different theme related to a specific region in Italy. Different products will be used in each demo. We will start in the North of Italy and move our way down South, paying homage to the classical dishes, ingredients, and techniques of each region.


12th May - Lombardy (Milano)

Demonstration includes set polenta with traditional Ossobuco. Gnocchi with smoked walnuts, sage beurre noisette and truffle. Italian inspired dessert.

19th May - Emilia Romagna (Bologna)

Demonstration includes crusty bread, white bean and truffle pate, prosciutto tortellini en brodu (meat and cheese) with parmesan veloute. Italian inspired dessert.

26th May - Lazio (Rome)

Demonstration includes artichoke tartlets, artichoke creme, crispy chickpeas. Tortiglioni alla carbonara. Italian inspired dessert.

2 June - Sicily (Palermo)

The final stop on the journey! Demonstration includes summer tomato tartlet, sun-dried tomato and sunflower seed dressing. Bisque risotto, prawns, saffron, tomato. Italian inspired dessert.


Makers Landing

6pm – 8 pm (Approximate)